When you send an email through eEvidence, your are actually sending us a request to deliver that email to its intended final recipients. We are very efficient on this; this is why it takes only seconds for you to receive the eEvid.Cert, which confirms delivery of your email.

We may encounter delivery errors when delivering your email to the final recipient. For instance, the address you typed may be wrong, the recipient’s inbox may be full or his mail server may be temporarily down. If an error is fund, the eEvid.Cert is not generated and we will send you an email indicating there’s been an error with the email delivery. We are working on improving the contents of that message, in order to provide you with more detailed information.

However, even if we succeed delivering your email, there’s no way for us to know whether the mail server we delivered is really the final mail server. We reach the recipient’s mail server by following the SMTP protocol, as any mail server would; accordingly, the mail server to which we deliver your emails is then determined by the DNS MX records we find for the recipient’s domain name. If said mail server is the final mail server, or a relay server from which your email is delivered to the final mail server, that we do not know.

The good news are, if a deferred delivery error occurs, we will know and will let you know. Should this be the case, notice that a new eEvid.Cert will be generated, invalidating the previous one.

If you are interested in starting to to communicate with greater guarantees and you are a professional, particular and/or small company, do not hesitate to consult the different rates available and register. If on the other hand, you are a company with high volumes of shipments and needs tailored to your project, please contact us.