Have you ever wondered how secure your inbox is? In today’s digital world, even the simplest act of sending an email can become the target of cyber villains. Today, we’re going to tell you a story that seems ripped from a spy movie, but happened in the real world, right in our own backyard. This tale has all the elements: intrigue, technology, and an attempt to steal €50,000 that almost went unnoticed. Get ready to dive into the world of cybercrime and discover how eEvidence became the unexpected hero.

The heist that almost was

It all started with an invoice. A simple transaction between our client, Alice the Audacious, and her client, Bob the Brave. Alice sends an invoice to Bob, attached to an email, for the not-insignificant sum of €50,000. But there’s a twist: the account number, the IBAN, had been altered. It’s not Alice’s usual IBAN. Luckily, Bob has an eagle eye and notices the discrepancy, marking the start of our digital detective adventure.

The search for the lost IBAN

Bob’s suspicion raises the alarm. How could the IBAN have changed? Confused and concerned, Alice contacts us, eEvidence, to unravel the mystery. First things first: we verify the IBAN in the invoice received in the email sent by Alice to eEvidence. And there it was, clear as day, the correct IBAN, as immutable as a rock.

But wait, how did Bob the Brave receive a different IBAN? The plot thickens. Through our cutting-edge cryptography technology, we confirm that the email that left our servers to Bob also contained the correct IBAN: the SHA256 hash of the original invoice matches the one attached to the email entered into Bob’s mail server. Everything, from the records to the EML copy of the original email attached to the evidence PDF, demonstrated that the change did not occur while the email was in transit under our supervision. This led us to conclude that the MitM (Man-in-the-Middle) attack had occurred outside our secure environment.

Unmasking the intruder

The conclusion was inevitable: the MitM attack occurred after the email left the eEvidence environment and before reaching Bob’s mailbox. If Bob had made the payment to the incorrect IBAN, how would Alice prove it wasn’t her fault? Traditionally, this would have been a finger-pointing game, with Alice in a very vulnerable position.

But this is where our story takes a turn towards justice. Thanks to eEvidence, Alice could not only prove that the security failure was in Bob’s environment but also claim the owed payment and transfer the responsibility to recover the funds to Bob.

Lessons learned

This story, more than a cyber-thriller, is an invaluable lesson on the importance of security in electronic communications. In a world where MitM attacks lurk in the shadows, services like eEvidence are not just convenient, they are essential.

Conclusion: better safe than sorry

This case is a powerful reminder that in the digital age, security is not optional. It’s crucial to always be one step ahead of cybercriminals, armed with the best technology and security practices. At eEvidence, we do not just provide a certified email service; we are your guardians in the vastness of the internet, ensuring that your transactions arrive safe and sound, free from the clutches of digital wrongdoers.

So next time you send an email, remember: in the cyber world, you’re not alone. With eEvidence, you have an ally watching over your security and peace of mind. Because, at the end of the day, what matters is not just reaching your destination, but ensuring you do so without any unwanted alterations along the way.

And let’s not forget a big shout-out to Bob the Brave’s sagacity! Without his keen observation, this tale might have had a very different ending. Cheers to Bob, the unsung hero of our digital age!