We have news in eEvidence that improves your communication! Faced with the increase in spam several free email providers have adopted new requirements and implemented strict adoption of the DMARC protocol. Among some of them, we can find: iCloud, Protonmail, Google/Gmail, and Yahoo.

The problem: your emails go to spam or are denied

Adopting the DMARC protocol allows domain owners to ensure that emails sent to recipients have a legitimate origin. This way, the recipient can be sure that the email received is not phishing.

This affects shipments made by alternative providers such as eEvidence, which could deny delivery of these emails.

If the domain you use is your property, you just have to configure some simple DNS records to be able to use our service, but what happens when you are using a free domain or one that you do not own and on which you will not be able to do the required DNS management?

The solution: eEvidence virtual account to the rescue!

If you use a free domain with DMARC functionality enabled, we will create a unique, custom variant of your email address based on an eEvidence domain name. You will send your certified mail as usual, but this is what will happen once we receive it:

  • We will convert your account to an eEvidence virtual address. For example, “John Smith” <> would become John Smith” <>
  • For the destinations of your eEvids this function will be mostly invisible, if the sender of your emails normally appears with your name or other text, we will keep it. As is the case of the example “John Smith”.
  • If the recipient clicks Reply, don’t worry: they will reply to your original account, for example
  • If someone writes directly to the virtual address by mistake, we will notify them to contact your original account, for example,

The eEvidence virtual email address allows us to continue registering your emails without affecting the integrity of your communications.

For any questions or additional information you may need, contact our support team.

If you are interested in our trusted services and you are a company with specific requirements and you are looking for a solution adapted to your needs, please, contact us and we will help you with everything you need. If, on the other hand, you are an independent professional, individual, self-employed, or small business; do not hesitate to consult the different rates available and sign up.