How you communicate is everything. When it comes to having maximum safeguards, individuals and companies of all kinds choose registered email – also known as certified email.

Not only is it a faster and inexpensive alternative to registered postal mail with return receipt, but it is also a way to provide legal guarantees to messages and documents you’re now sending by ordinary email and that you aren’t securing reliable proof of. If a third party denies that you sent them an email, that they didn’t receive it or that the content they received isn’t what you claim to have sent, you’ll be able to prove it with legal evidences in any dispute that may arise or in a court of law.

Read on and find out what a registered email is, what is it used for and how you can easily send one or millions!

What is Registered Email?

Registered email is a type of email communication used to certify delivery to recipients. It secures legal evidence of the transmission process including time of sending, delivery time and proof of original contents and attachments.

Today, registered email is considered the online equivalent to the old-school registered mail. And just like you would expect, it offers the same legal probative value.

Compared to a regular email, registered email has greater probative value and legal validity in a court of law, since it proves by itself the act of notifying and the delivery to the recipients with solid and irrefutable electronic evidence. And for your information, regular emails sent with a read receipt aren’t legal evidence.

In a few words, registered email provides you with peace of mind when you communicate with third parties in any situation. Unlike conventional email which is often disputed as reliable evidence.

How does registered email work?

Guess what! As with any type of communication, there’s a sender – the one who sends the email – and one or several recipients – the ones who receive it. But there’s more.

When sending a registered email, a third party is involved in the process of delivering the email. An electronic registered delivery service (like us), is responsible for registering the email and its contents, delivering the email to the recipients and securing legal proof of the whole process: attesting to the communication, providing solid evidence related to data transmitted including proof of sending and receipt, and protecting the data transmitted against risks of loss, theft, damage or unauthorized alteration.

If you use eEvidence, as a sender you’ll be able to send registered emails from your current email account as if it was a regular email. No need to login to third party apps. As for recipients, they’ll receive a registered email that looks exactly as a regular email (no sign of us) or an email with a “Registered by eEvidence” legal notice in it.

How Registered Email works by eEvidence

As soon as your email is delivered, an evidence receipt including all the digital evidences collected during the email transmission process is issued. Think of it as return receipt or a delivery receipt. This is a PDF document that serves as probatory evidence with legal certainty that proves who sent what to whom and when. It is used to verify the authenticity and integrity of your message and its contents.

Legal value of registered email

Registered email is a considered a reliable communication that has legal recognition and probative value in a court of law in almost all countries across the globe. Here’s why you can rely on it:

  • Registered email is internationally used. First of all, registered email is internationally acknowledged in most countries and is used regularly to prove millions of communications every day. In fact, our service is used by individuals and companies all over the world to certify 50+ Million electronic messages.
  • Registered email is recognized by Laws and Regulations. In most countries there are laws that regulate and acknowledge the use of electronic registered delivery systems, such as the eIDAS Regulation in the European Union or the ESSIGN and UETA Acts in the United States. We are compliant with them and this is important because they guarantee the admissibility and probative value of the evidences we provide in legal proceedings.

«Data sent and received using an electronic registered delivery service shall not be denied legal effect and admissibility as evidence in legal proceedings solely on the grounds that it is in an electronic form or that it does not meet the requirements of the qualified electronic registered delivery service.» Art. 43.1. – Regulation (EU) nº 910/2014 (eIDAS).

  • Registered email uses e-signature technology. Finally, the qualified electronic signature used to sign eEvidence’s evidence receipts is also recognized and regulated in most countries of the world. International laws give this signature the same legal validity as traditional paper methods and handwritten signatures.

What is registered email used for?

Registered email is used to legally and irrefutably prove time of sending, content and delivery of any email communication to one or multiple recipients.

Beyond offering the same legal guarantees as certified postal mail and being an inexpensive and faster alternative, registered email is a much better alternative to regular email as it automatically secures legal proof of notices and documents you send. That’s why it makes sense to use registered email as a preventive measure so that you can have reliable evidence of your comms, just in case you need the upper hand to win a dispute or a case in the future.

In a few words, registered email gives you peace of mind and helps you prevent potential legal and financial risks.

Common use cases

Check out the list of common use cases:

  • Sending invoices, receipts, proves of payment sent (useful for fraud prevention: friendly fraud/chargeback)
  • Sending contracts, commercial agreements, termination letters, etc.
  • Sending pre-contractual information (insurance policies, loans, etc.)
  • Protect authorship of proposals/projects (IP rights protection)
  • Cancelling subscriptions, contracts, policies, services, etc.
  • Sending credit and debt collection notices, returns, defaults, late payments, etc.
  • Official communications to employees, suppliers, customers, partners, investors, etc.
  • Termination / lay-off notifications
  • Registering all customer service notifications, complaints, claims and incident cases (outgoing and incoming emails)
  • GDPR notifications, policy updates, express consent (GDPR & DPO notifications)
  • Legal notices in legal proceedings, communications between lawyers/attorneys, demand letters, claims, complaints, Privacy Notices, etc.
  • Calling the general meeting, board of investors, board of directos, etc.
  • HR communications between company and employees (notices, warnings, contracts, policies, etc.)
  • Corporate communications

Registered email as an alternative to a registered postal mail/letter

You may already know this or probably your lawyer has already suggested it, but registered email is an alternative to conventional registered postal messages, as it offers the same legal validity and has many advantages. If you are looking to send certified mail online, eEvidence helps you do that in just 1 minute and for only 0.90€.

How to send registered emails (from your email account)

If you send emails on a daily basis, you’ll find it very easy to send registered emails with us. Unlike other services, eEvidence allows you to send them from your regular email account.

Follow the steps below or watch this 30-sec. summary video to learn how:

Step 1: Register your email address at eEvidence

First of all, you need to sign up for eEvidence. The reason is very simple: we can’t certify your emails unless your email address is signed up in our data base.

You can choose between our free plan or one of our paid plans starting at 1,5€/month. While the free license has limitations and is suitable for individuals or for those who want to try the service, our “Scale” plans have no limitations and allow you to send registered emails at the best price on a regular or occasional basis with full coverage and premium features included.

Step 2: Login your email account and add “” to the recipient’s email address

Once signed up, your account is ready to send registered emails.

Just login your regular email account – Gmail, Outlook, a corporate email, whatever – compose the email as usual and feel free to add any documents up to 50MB.

Before you hit the send button, make sure to add “” to the recipient’s email address. This is how we know which of your emails need to be certified.

Once you send it, we act as a courier and deliver your message in a certified way.

A unique hallmark of eEvidence is that the recipient doesn’t intervene and doesn’t need to do anything at all. The delivery receipt is issued automatically, so it doesn’t matter if the recipient doesn’t open the email or deletes it on purpose, you’ll always have legal evidence of the delivery of your message.

Bear in mind that all users in our free plan have a “Registered by eEvidence” legal notice added to their registered emails as mandatory. Whereas in the paid plans this feature is optional and by default the recipients will not be alerted – but you’ll be able to enable the legal notice and customize it whenever you want.

Step 3: Get your evidence receipt

eEvidence Registered Email

Once the email is delivered, we’ll email you the evidence receipt in PDF format. Here’s an example of how it looks like.

If you are using eEvidence for free, you are responsible for the custody of your receipts. If you lose them, it’ll be as if you never sent a registered email. Let’s just hope you are not one of those who deletes all emails in the inbox… ?

That’s why customers who want to have total peace of mind and not don’t want to worry about losing the evidence receipts, choose a paid plan in which we include the custody of receipts for 5 years. Access the documents from your eEvidence account and download them whenever you need them.

Why choose eEvidence to send registered emails

Easy to use

No matter if you need it only now and then or a million times a month, eEvidence is the easiest, fastest and most intuitive service to send registered emails. Send without headaches from your email account, emailing software, CRM or ERP using one of our different methods.

100% transparent

eEvidence’s registered delivery process is 100% transparent: it doesn’t alert or require recipients’ intervention. This enables our customers to use registered email as a preventive measure in any messages they now send by regular email.

Reliable and compliant

Our receipts provide 100% reliable proof and they are court-admissible, as we are compliant with the main international regulations like eIDAS, ESSIGN or UETA. This is why individuals and organizations all over the world trust us to send and register more than 50 million emails. And we are proud to work with all of them, including lawyers, banks, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, e-commerce brands, HR departments, IT geeks, etc.

Fair price

We believe everyone should be able to communicate safer. With that premise in mind, we designed our services so that anyone can easily access our technology for free or for a few cents per email. Don’t worry if you underestimate or overestimate your needs, our Scale plans are also designed to be self-adjusting according to the real use you make.

To sum up

From now on before you send any email, you should think about what kind of information you are sending. Is it an important message for you or your recipient? Is it worth registering, just in case? Do you need proof of delivery or proof that you sent it?

In the greater majority of situations, it will be interesting for you to have your emails certified, especially when it comes to important communications such as complaints, contracts, policy updates, consent and data protection notices (RGPD), invoices, purchase tickets, online purchase confirmations, employee notifications and everything else you can imagine. By registering them, you can legally prove that you sent them and that they were delivered to your recipient.

Now you know that you can communicate safer, would you give it up? Of course not. So go to our registration page, choose the plan that fits best your needs and enjoy the peace of mind that eEvidence gives you.

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If you are interested in starting to to communicate with greater guarantees and you are a professional, particular and/or small company, do not hesitate to consult the different rates available and register. If on the other hand, you are a company with high volumes of shipments and needs tailored to your project, please contact us.